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About Us

Some young committed energetic voluntary persons desired themselves towards the development activities and had a dream to positive change in the society. Regarding this desire to implement the dream, they established the organization named ASUS. Now the organization is going forward with a view of positive social change to empower and develop the social status of the oppressed, deprived and under privileged peoples towards the contribution of National Development process.


The situation of the poor and under privileged peoples can be changed if they can be made fit for their desired changes. Every person has their own potentialities and if such potentialities can be released, they become fit for the changes.

But to release such inert like given potentialities, need some favorable environment, situation and services.

believes that the poor and the under privileged peoples of the society can themselves change their situation if we can create scopes and opportunities for them


The ultimate goal of the organization is to bring change in the state of the target peoples into groups and reach supports and services to the individual members through the groups.

ASUS Current Activities

Now the organization is implementing the following activities.


Health & Malnutrition


Handicrafts Program


Program for Disabled Persons


Fisheries Program


Agriculture Program


HIV/AIDS Program


Education Program


Women Development


Sanitation Program


Legal Aid Program

News & Updates


Normally, the organization works through group spproach, organize the target peoples into groups and reach supports and services to the individual members twough the groups.

The organization works as an animator, stimulatory and cooperator in the process of development and improvement of the situation of the target peoples.

The organizations intervention, supports and services are guided on the principle build on what they have and people themselves build their own fortunes. The programs are the need basis of the beneficiaries sustains ability and self-sufficiency is given priority the programs.



The target people themselves will be able to change their own fortune whether they could get any opportunity to develop their life.

The organization can put emphasis on the community based integrated development approaches for the provided improvement of the target people.

The target people can ensure the maximum and appropriate utilization of the available local resources for their development.

The organization will cooperate with the target people in explain and releasing thes internal eagerness through potentialities and creativity.

Objectives of ASUS


To Organize

To organize the target people into groups to develop unity solidarity among them
through a collective strength and institutional based on their individual and
collective efforts.


To help

To help the disadvantaged children for improvement the quality of their life.

To develop

To develop the consciousness and awareness among the target people about the
social system and their rights in the society.


To provide

To provide primary health services to the women and children of the target


To develop

To develop the target people self image. Self-confidences and creativity by which
they can make themselves fit for their desired changes.


To provide

To provide technical and financial support to the poor and poorest groups group
members for under taking and operating income-generating activities.


To make

To make literate the illiterate group members and other male and female of the
target area.


To improve

To improve the living status of the disabled people especially the disabled children
through providing them various services and supports.


To provide

To provide the agriculture livestock. Fisherics vegetable product ton through
regeneration agriculture method.

Mission statement

In Bangladesh more than 75% population of the rural area have been living below the poverty line and 55% of them live below the subsistence level. Their income is so poor and with which they can meet only a past of their daily essentials.


It is estimated that only 8% of the rich and well to do families have been the owners to the 78% of the productive resources. The rich exploit the poor in various ways and as a result the poor have been becoming poorer to the poorest the productive resources thus not well distribute.


No health services have been access to these poor families, vast majorities of the poor are illiterate, and they are not conscious and aware of their human rights and position in the society. Therefore they can not enjoy their right and get the opportunity of living standard. The situation of the women further aggravated. They have no rights at all and are kept under veil like birds in the cases, which has been badly affecting their lives in various ways.


In the above situation the organization had started its mission in the year in 1997 to cooperate with the poor and underprivileged peoples in the process promotion of their overall socioeconomic conditions through implementing projects and programs like group organization, adult literacy, functional education, income generation, training, health services, environment and sanitation women in development, consciousness raising, awareness building human rights establishment program etc.